Remedy Healthcare

Remedy Healthcare is a leading provider of highly targeted, evidence-based self-management programs and health coaching. Services are available to corporates and members of private health funds across Australia. Remedy provides chronic disease management, care coordination, in-home intervention, primary prevention health coaching, and maternity support. All programs are based on Australian clinical guidelines, a clinical decision support system, and an advisory panel of medical specialists. 

More than just a health management service provider, Remedy adopts the role of health partner with each program participant/client. Through a series of phone-based consultations, clinicians build a ‘healthy’ rapport with clients, whether the particular program’s focus is on taking preventative measures, dealing with the existing symptoms of a condition, or managing the challenges associated with chronic or complex co-morbidities and clients requiring frequent hospitalisation.

All clinicians are trained professionals in disciplines including nursing, dietetics, exercise physiology, midwifery, physiotherapy, and diabetes education. Remedy clinicians use motivational interviewing techniques that assist clients in identifying their intrinsic drive and incentive for improvement that will help them set and achieve key health goals and overcome previous barriers.

For more information or to enrol in a health coaching program email or call 1300 224 334