Chronic Condition Management

Through Remedy Healthcare, you can access a variety of health coaching programs as led by our team of highly qualified and experienced clinicians: nurses, dieticians, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and diabetes educators.

Your Remedy clinician will be your partner on the road to improving and sustaining your health. Each program is tailored to be specific to the needs of the individual. Our clinicians will help you to establish your health goals and to identify and overcome barriers that have prevented success in the past.

Our clinicians have helped thousands of people better manage their chronic conditions – here’s some of the words frequently used to describe our programs by appreciative clients:


  • All programs are conducted over the phone, via a four to six month series of phone-based consultations.
  • If you have a question or need advice, you are welcome to call your clinician outside of consultation times.


  • All programs are tailored to the individual – your clinician will spend time getting to understand your health needs and what is important to you before putting together a plan for your program
  • Your clinician will also provide you with information on services in your community that can help you achieve your health goals
  • You will speak to the same clinician each time, allowing the two of you to develop a friendly rapport.


  • Your clinician will work with you to set health goals that are appropriate and realistic for your particular circumstances. They will provide information and support as you work through the program to reach your goals, with your clinician helping you overcome barriers or challenges on the way – particularly those upon which you have stumbled in the past.
You will be supported to make small but important changes that fit into your lifestyle and improve your health.

For more information or to enrol in a health coaching program email or call 1300 224 334