Health Coaching Model

It is well understood that simply educating people about what they “should” do is ineffective. Health coaching enables our clinicians to tap into an individual’s intrinsic motivation to change health behaviours.

Remedy Healthcare is a leading provider of highly targeted, evidence-based health coaching services to corporate employees and members of private health funds across Australia.

Programs are based on Australian clinical guidelines, a clinical decision support system, and an advisory panel of medical specialists.

The Remedy Health Coaching Approach

Remedy’s health coaching operates on the key principle that the role of our clinicians is to guide the client through a process of behavioural change. As health partners, clinicians empower clients by supporting them to develop tools and strategies to set and achieve the goals that are personally meaningful, be accountable for their health choices and achieve long-term self-management.

Our health coaches support and assist clients to:

  • Determine their most important health goals 
  • Recognise and overcome previous barriers to their health success
  • Set quantifiable goals in relation to risk factors
  • Identify the most useful resources and supports to achieve their goals. For example: Quit Line, private health insurers' benefits, and community health programs
All our programs have support materials including workbooks, diaries, fact sheets and decision guides, which help to reinforce and record the client’s healthy changes and progress over time.

For more information or to enrol in a health coaching program email or call 1300 224 334